All Actions

Technology & Places

Action A1: Fixed Line Connectivity
Action A2: Wireless Connectivity
Action A3: Data Services

Planning for Digital Infrastructure
Action B1:  Implementing the Digital Blueprint
Action B2: Regulating Infrastructure Planning

Open Data & Information Market Places
Action C1: Birmingham City Council Open data Portal
Action C2: Future City Platform (FCP)
Action C3: Creating a Vibrant Data User Community


Digital Inclusion
Action D1: Digital Inclusion Strategy
Action D2: Digital Champions
Action D3: Virgin 10,000 Volunteers Programme
Action D4: Digital Neighbourhood

Skills and Employment
Action E1: Support and grow a network of Birmingham young coders and digital makers
Action E2: Support delivery of the Midlands i-Tech Hub
Action E3: Growing Smart Businesses
Action E4: Innovating Learning in a Smart City
Action E5: Birmingham e-Passport for lifelong learners
Action E6: Building Smart Communities

Action F1: Supporting innovation, SME and development of new markets through public procurement
Action F2: Embedding smart city principles in procurement


Health and Social Care
Action G1: Delivering new models of citizen centric digital health and care
Action G2: Improve care co-ordination and planning between family, community and professional care givers
Action G3: Services to improve digital skills of carers, cared for and older people to improve health &  wellbeing
Action G4: Challenge based social innovation programme for public health challenges
Action G5: Visualisation of health and  social care data to enhance knowledge and information and  promote health & wellbeing

ICT and Energy Efficiency
Action H1: Energy data (open data) and visualisation
Action H2: Building Management
Action H3: Estate Management Demonstrator
Action H4: School premises – energy efficiency
Action H5: Wellbeing and alleviating fuel poverty
Action H6: Understand the benefits and implementation of intelligent energy

Action I1: Birmingham Transportation Data Platform and Innovation Competition
Action I2: Air quality and noise improvement
Action I3:  Exploiting on-street way finding infrastructure
Action I4: Junction Efficiency
Action I5: Freight Capacity utilisation
Action I6: Smart Street Lighting
Action I7: Smart Parking
Action I8: Mobility account and smart payments

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